So, how did I get the nickname "Ash3"?

I am third generation of Ashby's in my family!

My grandmother was born October 30, 1895, in Laurinburg, North Carolina, Scotland County. She was named after the doctor that delivered her, Dr. Ashby. Her name was Lucie Ashby Herron and she was called "Ashby". Over the years she dropped her first name "Lucie". I didn't even know that was her first name until just recently!

My grandmother had twin daughters and named one of them (my mother) Ashby! Her name was Ashby Herron now we have Ashby #2. Then along came me...Ashby #3!  Many of my friends call me Ash so I just go by Ash3. 

I have inherited all of my families memorabilia and have old books, letters and photos that I cherish. Reading letters is interesting and seeing the reference of  Ashby 1, 2 and 3 is fascinating!  That was the only way family could keep up with who was who. 

Ashby is  more common as a last name or a man's name so I am quite often thought to be a man before someone actually meets me!

I have only meet a couple of people in my life that has the same name and only meet one other woman named Ashby as their first name. 

So there you have it....Ash3...a name from a generation of strong, willed ladies in my family!

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